Lace Lamp Project

My lovely cousin (Little Quaint Moments & Memories) blogged about this project sometime last year and I have kept it saved in my favourites ever since…I hope someday to have a spare few hours to give it a try for my bedroom because at the moment we dont have a light shade..oops!

You will need: A white balloon, Lace or Crochet (Dollys or small table cloths would be perfect!) 
& Wall paper glue

 Paint them with lots of wallpaper glue so they are soaked.
 Hang the ballon on a string and put the soaked lace on the balloon. They have to overlap each other so they will stick together and connect.
 Put on onother coat of extra glue when they are all on the balloon.
Just to be sure. This also adds some strength.
 Leave to dry over night (atleast12hrs) and then pop the balloon in the centre.

That is it, how fab is that!
Thank you to Dos Family for this beautiful project that I hopes inspires you as much as it has me 🙂


  1. How lovely! I have always wondered what to do with my doily collection, and also with my vintage hankies. I have about 100! Love the idea and your blog.


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