Spaghetti Structures!

It is always a challenge to keep a childs attention for more than 10 mins and even harder when you have little to spend. But if you stop and think sometimes the most simple activities are the most intriguing to a child, think of the Christmas morning scenerio….how many children bypassed their expensive gifts and sat playing in the boxes they came in, so much can be done with just a box 🙂

Here is an idea that I do often with the children at work!

Spaghetti Structures

I have done this activity many times at the school and the kids love it. All you need is a pack of Spaghetti (Tesco Value around 30p) and a pack of mini or large marshmallows (usually around a £1) and that is all. Clear the table and let them build their own structures…….they will sit for hours trust me!
Also you can combine a little mathematical talk about shapes without them realising…if your lucky 🙂 so its educational too.

Have fun 🙂

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