My Dad & his poetry

Yesterday afternoon Barry and I went round to my parents for dinner….and like most times I visit, as soon as I sit on the couch my Dads presents his laptop to me and I get given a mission (problem) to sort out, its become quite a family joke! But yesterday it was me who requested it to be brought out as I wanted to set him up a Blog. Reasons being he is a very popular local poet, he does many events, readings, writes all the time, poetry, short stories and always has a story to tell so I think a Blog is going to be a great source for sharing his creativeness…..oh and maybe the odd rant…(see that’s where I get it from!)
He has published 2 of his own poetry books which have been stocked in local book shops and is now producing his 3rd which is a Poetry Mini Series (Collection of 4 books) which he is self publishing (again thats where I get my creative side from!)
I thought it would be nice to give you a sneaky peek of his work 🙂

Here is a Poem from his 2nd Book – Welcome To My World Of Poetry And Thoughts.


I still look for my father’s footprints
Along this placid early morning beach
Though I search among the stones and shells
Time puts them out of reach,
Years have ebbed just like the tide
Since he walked here, but I feel his aura all around,
The tea-bar where his stop would be
Listening to the water’s sound,
A wall where he would rest a while
Staring at the oceans flow,
Much as I sit and write all this
Where I am resting now.
Footprints disappear in time
But footsteps will remain,
And searching for the past sometimes is hard
But no search will ever be in vain

This was written by Dad at Caister in Norfolk where my Dads parents (My Grandparents) loved to spend their holidays and his father used to go every morning for a walk along the beech and to find a tea-shop.

View of Caister Beach.

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