Ellie’s Fund – Empty Baby Wipe Packet Collection

Yesterday I got an invite to join this event in the land of Facebook and what a great idea it is to raise money. What I have done is copied and pasted the info below for you to read and how you can help by taking part. It has really touched me reading Ellies story at www.elliesfund.com, my friend lost her little boy to a brain tumour so really want to help any way I can.

‘Ellie’s Fund’ was set up after the death of 14 year old Ellie Othick-Bowmaker.
During the 3 years that she fought her own 2 brain tumours, Ellie helped to raise over £25 000. She inspired many people to join in.
Ellie’s legacy is the money that is being used to help others.

Just by collecting your old baby wipe packets you could help raise money for Ellie’s Fund Brain Tumour Trust, (www.elliesfund.com) to help families of children with brain tumours and other cancers and raise awareness of brain tumours.

 Collect your empty baby wipe packets (any brand) and wrap them in an envelope, thick plastic bag or box. Fewer, bigger parcels are better.

When you have a parcel – perhaps you and friends could create a parcel together? – e-mail info@elliesfund.com for a freepost postage label and drop off the parcel at your local post office.

Each postage label can only be use once so if you need more (and the hope is you will!) just e-mail again!!

The packets go directly to a recycling centre who credit Ellie’s Fund with the money (not to Ellie’s Fund). The packets are made into other items such as plastic bibs, dustbins and watering cans.

If you’d like to know more about Ellie’s Fund the website is www.elliesfund.com – this is also our ‘events’ page.

Join Ellie’s Fund>
I will certainly be sending off mine, will you?


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