Jubilee Fever took over me!

This weekend I have watched far too much TV…..The Boat Pageant, Concert, The Service and Parade on Monday and not to mention all the other Royal Documentaries….my eyes are officially square! and I have turned into quite the Patriarch!
I really enjoyed seeing the Royals in such a positive light and they all looked like they thoroughly enjoyed themselves. It was lovely to watch the Queen smile so much and seem so relaxed. My favourite shot of her was on the boat on Sunday when she tilted her head back and was laughing at something amusing.
Such a shame her husband who has been by her side for everything missed such important events. I think she missed him on the Monday in church for sure but his health is of more importance so hope he recovers quickly.
Prince Charles who if I am honest I have never warmed to, but after watching him in A Jubilee Tribute to the Queen on Friday evening, I have changed my perception of him a little. That was the program that really got me in the mood for the weekend ahead and I began regretting that I hadn’t planned a Jubilee Party and that in fact we had no plans at all. Barry was working all weekend and Bank holiday so I was left on my tod. But I kept myself busy as whilst I watched the royal festivities I created some bunting for my window and a Jubilee Nappy cake, Cake Topper and Cupcake Boxes>
I also created a whole new range of Party Favours which I will share in another post later 🙂
After spending the Sunday on my own in my own world of craftiness and then the Monday, I decided to thrust myself upon my parents for the Tuesday for a mini lunch party whilst we watched more of the Queen……she must have been exhausted…I know I was and I was sat at home 😉
I decided to take lunch for us all to enjoy and it was a lovely day. Now I need a break from TV!
A very British luncheon buffet 🙂 – Cheese & Tomato Sandwiches, Ham & Cucumber Sandwiches, Sausage Rolls, Mini Prawn Cocktails, Salad and Apple Pies…yum!
My Dad getting into the spirit of things and waving a flag!
I definitely feel even prouder to be British!
PS- I do apologise for not blogging over the last few months, I hit abit of a difficult patch and didnt want to thrust my woes onto you all,  but I am back now and fully inspired again :0)

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