A Toddlers ‘To do’ List

Working as a Professional Nanny I am endlessly seeking different ways to entertain the children. I have been doing some planning this afternoon and with the help of Pinterest I have found some really cool and unique things to do and make….I hope you find them fun too and give them a go.

1 – Bottle Top Stamps
I have a whole stash of foam shapes and I would never have thought of this idea, how fab!
2 – Make your own Moonsand 
This is one of my own recipes and it is perfect and exactly like the well known (expensive) Moonsand brand which keeps kids amused for hours!
Mix together 4 cups of sand, 2 cups cornflour, and 1 cup of water and voila!….just add children :0)
3 – Waterproof Finger Puppets
What a great way to brighten up a bath time and so simple to do. Just cut off the fingers from a rubber glove and use waterproof markers to draw faces and create characters….I cant wait to do this, the kiddie winks will love it I am sure!
4 – Table Setting Placemat
This free color-in place mat doubles as a simple way to teach the kids how to set the table. 
 Laminate them so they will last abit longer too!
5 – Cress Egg Heads
Cress is the perfect thing to grow as it grows fast and its yummy mixed with egg for a sandwich 🙂
I think that will keep my busy this week 🙂 oh and the kiddie winks ofcourse!
Whilst I was browsing I also came across this idea which I think would be a wonderful keepsake to create and its something that you canb keep adding to as the kiddies get older!
Handprint Keepsake Ring
Take a handprint or cut out on the first day of school every year and pop them all on a keyring chain along with a tiny message. Such a lovely idea of a keepsake!
What do you think? will you be giving any of the above ago this week? if you do please email a piccy to JustLynz@hotmail.com and I will share them on here 🙂
Thanks for reading!

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