Keeping the little people happy at weddings!

I have been engaged to Mr LTs for nearly 8 years…eek! every year we say “next year we will get married!” but then something happens which gets in the way, like moving house, changing cars or changing jobs.
But it does not mean that I have not planned the entire day ten times over in my mind.
I have recently been looking into things a lot more seriously because at present we are in a good position *touch wood* so who knows maybe next year could actually be the year. 

After making a long list of guests we would love to share our special day with, it appears that we shall have a whole school worth of children attending, ok maybe that is a slight exaggeration but at least 4-5 classes worth at the very least. That is still a vast amount of little people to entertain.

I feel that as long as children are kept busy with lots of things to do through out the day, it should remain a calm and stress free day for their beloved parents too and also be a fun day for them to remember.

Here are my findings for keeping them busy

I love this idea from
A Photo Scavenger Hunt
What little person would not love having their own camera to wander round with taking photos. The Scavenger list is a great idea and saves wasting a film of picture of the floor and half of peoples head hehe. Disposable cameras are found at all the cheap and chirpy shops and to print a list on card is cheap too, so all in all a very good budget activity. 
What do you think?

A Toy Station 
(unfortunately I can not find the blog where this has come from as the link on Pinterest does not work)
Pop to your local cheapy shop and buy a load of small novelty toys, find some crates or storage boxes and place them all inside and then the kiddie winks can help themselves to what they like. Again another little idea to place in a corner that will give the little peeps something to occupy them, love it! I think I would pop in Bubbles, Packs of cards, miniature games etc

Bubble Refill Station
What child does not like bubbles after all? It is a simple gallon container, I think you would find something suitable in a camping equipment shop that is used for water.
Perfect for refilling their Bubble pots from the Toy Station above *wink*

You must go and visit there are so many awesome activity ideas!!
Activity Packs
Pop these little activity booklets at the kiddiewinks dinner space and they should keep them amused through the speeches 🙂

and of course if all else fails…….food will always work………

A Popcorn Bar –


A Marshmallow Toasting Bar


So they are just a few ideas I have come across, hope you think they are fab as much as I do!
If you have any more ideas please comment below, i would love to hear them :0)

Tatty bye
Lyndsey xxx

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