E45 – Bzz Campaign – I am fully converted!

I shall start by being completely honest, I have never been much of a moisturising kind of gal, too busy, never having the time to fit it in, which is probably where I have been going wrong all these years. Living on a budget never helps, especially when browsing the supermarket isles looking for a cheapy to do the job and I shall be honest again, I have never really been that impressed and have never benefited from a lasting effect of using any of them.

To be picked to take part in the BzzAgent E45 Campaign I was super excited. 
When my little pack arrived I was completely amazed at the contents. Two Full sized bottles of E45 Daily Body Lotion (Original & Nourish & Restore), 10 Sample packs for me to hand out to my friends and family with money off coupons inside.

I was quick to open up the bottles and sniff, is that odd? I like sniffing things before I try them, if they smell good then they get instant approval, if they don’t they have to earn it 😉 but these smelled good so all was well and out I splodged my first application direct onto my hands. My first impression I was worried about the consistency as it seemed a little runny compared to some heavy tubbed moisturisers but as soon as it was on, it rubbed in well and was quickly absorbed and left no greasy feeling after…..result!

So I now have a moisturising routine thanks to BzzAgent and E45 and I have even splashed out on a toner to accompany my new found product.

I have definitely felt a difference on my hands and face so lets hope there is a visible difference.

I have also been adding a little blob to my foundation and mixing it together on my hand before applying to my face and I have found it works into the skin much better and my face feels less clogged with make up.

I am now an official E45 convert and will definitely be purchasing regularly.
Thanks BzzAgent for a fab campaign!

Do you want to become a BzzAgent? learn more at https://www.bzzagent.co.uk

Read more about E45 at http://www.e45.co.uk/

Has anyone any more recommendations from the E45 range? 
would love to hear some!

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