Live The Italian Way with Giovanni Rana – Review

It was a rainy Saturday morning when a knock came from the door and a big intriguing box was handed to me from a rather soggy looking courier. But I was very excited at what I found inside….

I had been sent these tasty samples. 
A Gorgonzola & Crunchy Mellow Walnut Ravioli and Cured Ham & Cheese Tortellini 
from the Giovanni Rana fresh pasta range. 
With the added bonus of cool, cool bag (mind the pun!)

For over 50 years , Giovanni Rana has been recognised as a symbol of good taste and quality products, creating fresh pasta for people to enjoy at home since 1962.
I couldn’t wait to give these a whirl, I love pasta and love trying new combinations, so the Gorgonzola & Walnut Ravioli was definitely on the menu for our lunch that day. It was the first Saturday that we had off together in months so I decided to make an occasion of sitting down to eat at the table. Instead of on the sofa or trying to half eat a sandwich whilst rushing around getting jobs done.
The Ravioli was simple and quick to prepare and cooked in less than 5 mins in boiling water. 

Once cooked I drizzled on some melted butter and topped with some crunchy bites of bacon but it really didn’t need the bacon because it had so much taste on its own. The filling was full of texture with little crunches of walnuts with the creamy gorgonzola wrapped in delicately made pasta. It was yummy!

I highly recommend you looking out for the Giovanni Rana’s Italian Indulgence and Simply Italian Ranges in your local supermarket.

Now we try a lot harder to sit at the table after all it is the Italian way!

Love Just Lynz x
I was sent these samples for the purpose of this review.

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