Cauliflower Cheese – #grainfree #wheatfree #glutenfree

#grainfree #wheatfree #glutenfree (not using cows milk)
Cauliflower Cheese!
Yes you read that right…..please read on….
One of my favourite dishes is Cauliflower cheese. But since trying to eat predominantly grain free, I haven’t made it due to having to use flour to make the sauce.
This evening whilst wandering round Asda I had a light bulb moment  I thought of a rich creamy ingredient that I could use to make the sauce……but I just wasn’t sure on how the taste would turn out.
I was thinking of coconut milk!
OMG it did work and has resulted in a super yummy creamy cheesy sauce and believe me no one would know any difference. Here is the recipe, enjoy!
Bring 200ml of coconut milk to a simmer (no need to boil it) it just needs to be hot enough to melt the cheese.
Add in 150g of cheese. (check for gluten) (or use buffalo mozzarella for an even healthier alternative)
Half tsp of cumin.
Quarter tsp of cayenne.
And stir until melted.
That’s it!
Just because I was worried about the sauce tasting of coconut and thinking that coconut and cheese would be a bit bleurgh, I sweated some onions to add in and some chopped chives aswell. But I really don’t think they were needed.
I poured the sauce over part cooked cauliflower and broccoli, sprinkled with extra cheese and chives and baked in the oven for 30mins.
Oh and licked the sauce off the saucepan….I did use a spoon…..I am a lady don’t you know 
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