White Pepper from Penja – Review

I have a huge love of herbs and spices. With a well stocked cupboard you should never be stuck to add a little flavour to any meal. But the basics every kitchen larder should have is good quality Salt and Pepper. I have always used Black Peppercorns in my spice grinder so to be able to have this opportunity to trial some White Peppercorns, how could I resist?

The kind Sylvie at www.subtle-spices.com/
Sent me a full sized 55g bottle of White Peppercorn of Penja
Here is a little info….
White Peppercorn of Penja also known as “ Birds’ pepper” The grains are expertly hand-selected by women on farms in Central Africa. It is a rare and uniquely flavoured pepper grown in the Valley of the Penja region in Cameroon.
 It is grown bathed in the natural sun in rich soil of the volcanic region of Penja. It offers a robust and spicy flavour highly distinguishable to any other peppers you might have tasted before. Food connoisseurs around the world use the Penja pepper to add a special taste to their dishes. Try the Penja Pepper for a rich, smokey yet subtle flavour.


I can not express how much I love this new found Little Treasure, as soon as the little package arrived I opened it straight away and could not wait for tea time to arrive to try. A great feature of the bottle is that it already has a grinder built into the lid. The grinder feels very high quality and a far cry from the flimsy ones I have brought in a well known shop. Even after using it over the past 3 weeks the grinder is still in tact and has not let me down once. Now let us move onto the taste and this bottle is definitely full of taste. I find with Black Pepper sometimes if you add a little too much it can be very overpowering but this White Pepper is just perfection bottled up. I have grinded it on every meal I have had so far and it now has pride of place at the front of my condiment shelf. 

I really love the subtle smokey flavour which goes well with anything. It is perfect to add to white sauces especially as you do not get the distinctive black specks like you would with Black Peppercorn, instead you just get the subtle hint of White Pepper of Penja without discolouring your sauce.
I must urge you all to go and check out the Subtle Spices website for more amazing unique flavours to add to your condiment collection. I personally have a very close eye on the flavoured oils available and I am planning on treating myself very soon 🙂
Thank you for reading – Lynz xxx
Disclosure – I was sent this product for the purpose of this review, opinions and photos are my own

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