Indulgent Iced Coffee

Indulgent Iced Coffee

Serves 1

Prep – 2 mins

Cook 0mins

I am hoping that when you read this, Summer will have finally arrived and you will be in need of a nice cool beverage to cool you down. This is also another firm favourite of mine, I am even guilty of drinking this in the middle of winter. Such a rebel, I know!


250ml of milk (you can use any milk you wish. I enjoy almond or full fat milk)

1 Shot of Espresso

Handful of ice

Sugar (optional)


Place the ice into the glass. This helps chill the glass. Pour the espresso shot over the ice and pour over the milk. Sip and enjoy!

If you require sugar, add your desired amount into the espresso shot, when hot & stir before pouring over the ice.


Lots of love to you,
Lynz xxx

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