Sown & Grown Granola – Great Little Grains! – Review

Breakfast just got more delicious!
Sown & Grown – Nuts & Seeds
Multigrain Granola
“They said the world was flat. It isn’t! Cereal always seems to have come in bags and boxes. It doesn’t need to.” – Sown & Grown 
(I love it when brands try and add abit of personality on their packagaing, it makes it so much more interesting & quirky)
I have to begin by commenting on the packaging, huge kudos to Sown & Grown for creating an easy to open and store tube, to keep the great little grains safe and fresher for longer. I am often teased by my man about the lack of skills I possess when trying to ‘get in’ a product or some kind of packagaing. The fact that this granola was not in a bag, that I could potentially rip apart and then spend the rest of the day clearing up, was a huge bonus to me. I simply popped off the lid and peeled back the foil seal and I was in!
The tube is made of a composite material which is a combination of cardboard and foil and has the same properties as Tetra pak which is now widely recycled, BUT I don’t plan on parting with such a good quality tube any time soon, I am already planning the next chapter of it’s life, a spaghetti storage tube is what I have in mind, which will help me eradicate the pain I feel, when I open the kitchen cupboard door and that pesky already opened spagetti pack slips out and kindly spreads each strand all over the floor!….ok back on topic now….
I was lucky enough to be able to choose which flavour combo I wanted to try. I went with the Nuts & Seeds Multigrain Granola because I am always trying to find new ways to enjoy a few extra nuts in my life, ooer. The granola is high in fibre, no added salt, suitable for vegetarians and is made with 100% British grains, which have been sown & grown and baked in the heart of the English countryside then combined with a blend of almonds, brazil nuts, linseeds & pumpkin seeds….coincidently a few of my favourite nuts!
Other Granolas that are available….
They also have a muesli range too!…
Seriously, how delicious does all of the above sound? which one would you choose?
let me know.
I was super happy with my choice of the Nuts & Seed Multigrain Granola. I found the nut to grain ratio spot on. The nuts were also very visible, which I loved. You know when sometimes products say “contains nuts”, but the nuts have been crushed and have become so unrecognisable that you are not sure what nut you are eating. This is not the case with Sown & Grown, there were whole almonds, pumpkin seeds, linseeds and good chunks of brazil nuts through out the whole granola.


I enjoyed eating the granola with fresh berries and natural yogurt, as a breakfast. One morning when it was a bit chilly and I really fancied something that would warm my cockles up, so I heated up some almond milk and poured over the granola and I REALLY enjoyed that alot. I can’t seem to stomach a porridge like texture so this was definitely a great winning alternative for me.
Also, you know when it’s an hour before dinner and you feel abit peckish, but don’t want to eat anything too filling? Well I think I have nailed that brief. By using some Sown & Grown Granola, mixed with a little melted coconut oil and bluberries, I made some Blueberry Bombs. The granola worked really well for these, it held together and provided a really tasty toasted ball to snack on, which kept me happily going until tea time.


 My trick when making these style of snack balls is to use a cupcake case to spoon the mix into and by squashing up the case sides and twisting the top, you can create a perfect little wrapper to keep your balls safe and it also stops your hands getting in such a mess…or maybe that’s just me.
Interlude> ( I feel I am not coming across very well in this post, so far I have confessed I can’t open anything, my kitchen is a spagehtti hazard area and I’m a messy ball roller, thanks for sticking with me!)
If you would like me to write up the full recipe for these Blueberry Bombs please comment below and let me know.
I think they look quite pretty in paper cases. what do you think?


Whilst browsing the Sown & Grown website I came across a cool competition that they run every week. You could win the chance to have breakfast delivered by Sown & Grown, for you and up to 100 of your colleagues to enjoy! simply by using the hashtag #TubeTuesday
To conclude, the granola was tasty, full of nuts and kept very fresh in the tube. I really enjoyed trying Sown & Grown and I will definitely be visiting Sainsburys to stock up and try the other flavour options in the range, very soon!
Lots of love to you,
Lynz xxx
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This product was provided to me free of charge on behalf of the company in order to review it. However the opinions expressed in this review are independent and my own.


PS- Apologies for all the nuts & balls this post contains…… 😉


  1. I love granola, especially during busy days wherein I barely have time to make a meal. It's the perfect go to food for me. I often prepare it with greek yogurt and some honey. This brand is a must try!


  2. I like that idea? It's true, you could use any bag you want with your products. Although, you need to make sure that there's a purpose. An example would be the shape of Pringles. They're trying to save money and space, yeah?


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