Just A Little Update | Lynz



One of the things I enjoy about reading other blogs and watching vlogs is getting to know the person at the other side of the screen, so I thought I would give it ago myself and see how we get on. I am not committing to a ‘dear diary’ at the end of each day or rambling on about meeee every week, but what I will promise is every now and again I will pop up and give you a little update on my goings on.
I have  found inspiration and gained comfort from many blogs I follow. I am not talking about blogs that mislead everyone in to thinking they are leading such an exciting jet set life round the world, eating only the most expensive cuisines, whilst sitting in their designer bikinis uploading an Instagram of their ‘hot dog’ legs next to the pool…..no I am talking about the real humans that walk amongst us, doing makeup free school runs, enduring life fails, eating pizzas in tracky bottoms and trying to navigate this peoply world we roam. Yes I said ‘peoply’ it is a word! in fact it is my new favourite word, for times when you just think “jeez it’s too peoply out there, I’d rather stay home”…….stick with me….you will get used to it!
I also have quite a few exciting events happening over the Summer, so I think it would be nice to document and share them with you guys. As well as a few projects/campaigns that mean a lot to me, that I want to bring to your attention.
That’s all I wanted to say for now, 
stay tuned!
Loves you all,
…..but you can just call me Lynz 😉 teehee.<<
PS – I would love to know the kind of posts you enjoy reading? comment below…..

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