A Few Of My Favourite Things – 2016

One of my new resolutions is to be brave and write more posts that I WANT to write. To try and not be so concerned about what people think. I enjoy writing, taking photos and making videos, so I figure if I do my own thing, hopefully someone somewhere might read a post, look at a photo or watch a video and enjoy them.

Let us kick the year off with a favourites post. I plan to write these monthly through out 2017, so I thought I’d get started by rounding up my 2016 favourites and I mean ANY favourites. There are no category restrictions. I’ll be sharing anything from my favourite mascara, to my favourite recipe I’ve cooked, to my favourite home accessory or favourite place I have visited, you get the idea….it’s all about my favourites…..but I’ve wrote it with a poetic twist…


Revlon Mascara with small wand inside,

Gave me no clumps when it was applied.

Lasting Concealer from the Collection,

Gave my tired eyes a little correction.

Garnier sent me their Moisture Bomb,

It was amazing, I need to buy some.

I pampered myself with Sanctuary Spa,

The Hot Sugar Scrub made me go aarrrr.

Asda candles with letters on glass,

When I saw them I could not bypass.

Global Knives made chopping so easy,

But when it was my finger I felt kinda queasy.

I listened to Hour Late again and again,

Much to my poor neighbours pain.

I cheered on Louise Pentland with her new style vlogs,

And watched her befriend a precious hedgehog.

I’ve watched Dave Erasmus move to the woods,

The only hut in the neighbourhood.

Daniel Churchill topped sweet potatoes with a tasty delight,

Which was perfect on a cold winter’s night.

But above all my family are my absolute faves, the moments shared and the memories we made.

Twenty sixteen was quite a year, so when twenty seventeen arrives you’ll hear me cheer!

This is where my post must end, I hope a Merry Christmas you all did spend.

Happy New Year to all who have stopped by, if you liked this post then please click subscribe!


That was a shameless subscribing plug to end with haha, forgive me?

Lots of love,
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  1. That’s not shameless plugging! That’s very creative! It’s one of the best new year posts that I’ve read so far. I definitely enjoyed reading the poem!


  2. I loved reading that poem! It’s just pure fun to read about what you enjoyed the past year! I think it’s awesome and creative!


  3. I love these roundup style posts. There is nothing quite like seeing what everyone else thought was fabulous the year before.


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