5 Ways Not To Waste Pulp! – Thrifty Thursday

Heyy! how are you guys? I hope you are having a super duper week?

I have been blown away with how many of you read my Budget Juicing Post. I loved seeing you guys sharing it on social media and tagging me in your posts.

I still have a few bottles left in my freezer that I am enjoying too.

I did promise you that I would share some delicious uses for the nutritious pulp that is always leftover. I have not had much time to develop recipes myself – I’ve been busy with some Easter edible delights – but I can share with you the recipes that I go to and can highly recommend for you to try.

Here is five of my top go to recipes! enjoy!

(Click on any link/photo to be taken directly to the recipe.

WARNING! Contains yummyness!)

1- Carrot, Beetroot and Ginger Pulp Cake

Carrot, Beetroot & Ginger Juice Pulp Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

WIth thanks to – www.elizabethskitchendiary.co.uk

2 – Fruity Beet Balls

With thanks to – www.rawkarma.com

3 – Carrot Pulp Crackers

Carrot pulp crackers     Follow Foods For Long Life on  FACEBOOK  !   Carrot Pulp and Guilt  Carrot juice is so good for you but it genera...:

Many thanks to – www.foodsforlonglife.blogspot.co.uk

4 – Veggie Pulp Meatballs

Veggie (Juice Pulp) Meatballs recipe from The Kitchen via Food Network:

Thank you – www.foodnetwork.com

5 – Beet This Burger


Lots of love to – www.detoxinista.com

Don’t they all look so delicious? which one are you going to make first?

Psst!!!!…..I have a secret…..I have another Thrifty post coming your way today at midday. How to make zingy juice shots for only 9p!!! – two posts in one day. I am spoiling you 🙂
Lots of love for now
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