9p Ginger Juice Shots! – Thrifty Thursday


I am spoiling you guys this week with two Thrifty Thursday posts, you are most welcome!

I have been SO excited to write this post. I wanted to blog about it as soon as I’d had the light bulb moment, but I have held back all week because I think it is my best Thrifty Thursday creation to date. The money saved is a biggy!

I was recently in Waitrose – Cash (our puppy) was having his monthly pamper session at The Groom Room in Rushden and I needed somewhere to kill 90 mins – Am I the only one who gets excited to visit a different supermarket? I love wandering around and seeing what new and exciting foods I can find. (Just having time to ‘wander’ is a treat in itself!).

I ventured down the drinks aisle and discovered these ickle tiny bottles of Ginger shots. I have looked out for juice shots before, so imagine my excitement. I had a mini mind debate with myself as to whether to purchase or not because of their price, but concluded I wanted to try them. I bought 4 of each. 4 x Ginger Shots and 4 Tumeric Shots. Totalling at £11.12!!!!!! – cue the monkey emoji – 🙊

Barry and I both really enjoyed them, they were a great kick to have in the morning to wake us up with a zing. But unfortunately I just couldn’t justify paying that much money for 70ml of juice.


Fast forward to a few weeks later, a light bulb appeared above my head and with a ding ♫ – the idea came to me. I could make my own Ginger Shots. I popped in to ASDA on my way home to purchase all of the ingredients needed – I had googled the shots I bought previous and checked out their ingredients – so I say ‘all’ of the ingredients a little sarcastically. It was two ingredients I needed…TWO!!! ingredients. Why had I never thought of this idea before? I purchased a big ol’ hand sized piece of fresh ginger. From the loose section, not the prepacked section. The price difference is incredible (see photo below & look at price per Kg).


I also bought 1 litre of pressed apple juice which was on offer. I decided to not buy fresh apples to juice purely to keep costs to a min.

Even though I had a mahoosive piece of ginger, I was a little unsure of how much juice I would get out of it. I straight away set up my juicer and began my experiment. Channelling my inner Heston.

I got 300 ml of pure ginger juice, I was shocked, I never expected that get that much. I then made a huge mistake, I tasted it. What a punch, the zingyness slapped me on the face, my tongue nearly ripped itself out my head and my throat burned. I was on fire!  – Once I was done running around the kitchen putting anything below freezing in my mouth in the hope to lower my body temperature – I grabbed a huge jug, ready to water this baby down.

I was adding the apple juice a 100 ml at a time. I roped in my darling man to help with the tasting, because my taste buds had gone on a little vacation after my earlier ordeal. I judged by his red face, it was probably still too zingy, so I kept adding, mixing, testing it on Barry, until I had used the whole litre bottle and it was still packing a punch. In my last attempt at making this juice drinkable without having the fire brigade on standby, I added 200 ml of water….and voila! it was suddenly spot on. I dared to test and was pleasantly surprised. Don’t get me wrong it still had the zing but it was perfectly balanced and tasted so good. I was left astonished that I had made 1.5 litres.


Now time for my favourite part, the working out!

Ingredients cost:

Fresh Ginger = 99p

Pressed Apple Juice = £1

TOTAL = £1.99

1.5 Litres of juice  = 21 x 70 ml shots approx

£1.99 divide by 21

= 9p per shot!!!!!


I kept the juice in a jug in my fridge and then every morning, gave it a stirr, poured my shot and down the hatch it went. This is definitely now part of my weekly meal prep. It is a great way to start the day because Ginger supports healthy digestion and immunity, boasts anti-nausea, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds. At 9p per shot, you really can not go wrong. I have seen similar shots sold in shops and juice bars from £1.99 to over £3 per shot.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and are just as excited as me to go and make another batch. I think next time I might juice some limes and add in, for some extra zing. I will definitely make these in Summer and pour into my ice pop moulds, they will be so refreshing on a sunny day.

Please feel free to share this with your family and friends and if you do make it, be sure to tag me on any of my social medias so I can share it with everyone 🙂

Lots of love to you all

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  1. Wow this is a clever, affordable recipe! I wonder how strong it tastes – sometimes ginger can be a huge kick in the mouth if there’s too much. Would love to try this!


  2. This sounds so amazing, I’m definitely going to try to make these. I love ginger, and as you say, the health benefits are fantastic. And I also agree that wandering around a grocery shop is such a great feeling! 😀


  3. That is so neat. Also affordable. I have found that a lot of what you can buy in store already made can be a lot cheaper to do yourself from scratch. This is a great recipe


  4. Ginger is great for a lot of things, combine it with apple juice and you’re all set! This sounds like a nice drink to have everyday, so good for your health!


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