Dog Friendly Cupcakes | Puppy’s 1st Birthday!

A puppy’s first birthday can not go unnoticed. I started out joking that I was going to make him a birthday cake…..*coughs*…….I don’t even recognise myself anymore…. ha

But it was worth it, he never left the kitchen whilst they were cooking – he just loves peanut butter, and boy did he smell it as soon as the lid came off the jar.

These were super simple to make and if you leave off the doggy treat decorations on top, you could even share one with your pooch, the ingredients are that good!

and BAKE!…

18815148_933537660121222_8883534307521543198_oRECIPE IS - 1 ripe banana, 40g peanut butter, 40g wholemeal flour, 40g rolled oats, 1 egg, 12 tsp baking soda and 80ml water. Mix all together and bake in the oven for about 15mins.Fo

I hope you enjoy making them, and when you do, don’t forget to tag me on any of my social medias – I love seeing your creations!

Lots of love to you all for now.



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