Dear Diane at Tesco | Random Act of Kindness

Dear Diane,

Over the last year I have noticed you in Tesco, greeting customers warmly, always with a smile and always working hard. You always show politeness, you always offer your help and you always give the best possible service you can.

When I sat in the car outside of the Tesco Extra in Kettering, my heart was pounding. I had planned this moment for months. I was full of anticipation. I wanted to give you this moment so much.

I walked in and looked for you and of course you were busy helping customers. I stood amongst the clothes section (looking fairly dodgy!) and waited for my opportunity.

The look on your face when I presented you with the big bunch of flowers and card, I will never forget, but what will stay with me forever is one of the things you said, with tears in your eyes – “no one has ever done that for me”

Why did I do that? – because you deserve recognition for the happy, polite and warm service you consistently have offered to us and others. You said you were just doing your job, but there is a huge difference with doing your job and DOING YOUR JOB. Tesco should be proud to have you as a member of their staff.

I will forever treasure that moment we shared and the words we exchanged.

Thank you!

I appreciate you!

I noticed you!

Kindest regards





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